2012 Casey Award Dinner

The 30th Annual CASEY Award Banquet

On Sunday, March 3, 2013, a full house of literate and passionate baseball fans welcomed the winner of the 2012 CASEY Award, Paul Dickson, to Cincinnati,Ohio, the home of professional baseball, as well as Spitball: The Literary Baseball Magazine. The 30th Annual CASEY Banquet was held at Crosley's Sports Bar & Grille in St. Bernard, Ohio, and the afternoon included the usual festivities: door prize baseball books and baseball art by Chris Felix given away to lucky guests; a shout-it-out trivia quiz based on 2012 baseball books; a display of 150+ baseball books, all published in 2012; an appearance by BALLZAK, the Magnificent; the introductions of the 10 books Nominated as Finalists for the 2012 CASEY; and a riveting acceptance speech by the 2012 CASEY Award winner, Mr. Dickson. Mr. Dickson spoke eloquently about the subject of his winning book, Bill Veeck: Baseball's Greatest Maverick, and also provided the audience with great insight into the rigorous research and writing process that produced his winning book. Thanks to all the loyal Spitball supporters who shared the afternoon with us, and congratulations to Mr. Dickson and his publisher, Walker & Company, as well as to all the Nominated authors and publishers of 2012.

Some of the crowd at Crosley's stumped by the Trivia Quiz, based on the baseball books of 2012.

BALLZAK, the Magnificent (Tony Brueneman), makes his grand entrance.

"I hold in my hands the sacred envelopes which have been stored since NOON YESTERDAY in Eddie Gaedel's bronzed athletic supporter. NO ONE, not even Ping Bodie who roomed with Babe Ruth's suitcase, knows the contents of these envelopes, but BALLZAK in his semi-delusional way will attempt to devine the questions therein. Are you ready, O Great one?..."

Answer: "Because he thought it was a movie about yummy desserts"

Question: "Why was the SF Giants Pablo Sandoval disappointed with 'The Life of Pi'?"

Answer: "Former Phillies' OFer McBride; current White Sox pitcher Peavy; and Manti Te'o's girlfriend"

Question: "Name a Bake, a Jake, and a fake."

Spitball Fiction Editor Mark Schraf introduces some of the Finalists for the 2012 CASEY Award.

The introductions make it clear why the Finalists made the short list.

Winner of the 2012 CASEY Award, Paul Dickson, mesmerizes the crowd during his acceptance speech. "I thought there would be caviar, champagne, and a carved ice swan, but I think hot dogs, pretzels, and beer are a lot better ... just as Bill Veeck would have!"

2012 CASEY winner Paul Dickson proudly holds his blue & gold-engraved Louisville Slugger CASEY Award bat, flanked by Schraf and Editor Mike Shannon.

Mr. Dickson surrounded by CASEY Banquet supporters, from L to R: Jack Greiner (a 2012 CASEY Judge), Billy Roebel, Debbie Roebel, Jerry Hazelbaker, Mike Shannon, Brooks Hazelbaker, Kevin Hess, & Annie Hess.

CASEY Banquet attendees reluctant to leave Crosley's. from L to R: Kathy "Derms" Shannon, Robin Valentine, Jerry Hazelbaker, Lori Hazelbaker, & Dick Weiland.