Baseball Art

The Spitball Art Show

Consisting of the best cover and illustrative art published in the magazine, The Spitball Art Show is a baseball art exhibition available on a perpetual basis. Artists represented in the Show include Dan Gardiner, Blair Gibeau, Charles Grund, Darryl Lankford, Susan McCarthy, Bob McKay, Andy Nelson, Donnie Pollard, Darryl Shelton, Richard Tomasic, Suzanne Wolf, and others. More than 75 works are available for exhibition, and curators may adjust the number of works chosen to exhibit according to their needs and the size of the space at their disposal. The Show may be reserved for up to a two month's run for a modest fee, which may be waived for non-profit organizations and museums. If desired, a member of the Spitball Magazine editorial staff may be engaged to present an address on the art at any opening of the Show. For more information about booking the Spitball Art Show, please contact Spitball.

Cover (pin & ink on artist's board) by Donnie Pollard. Spring 1993, #43.

Cover (acrylic on board) by Susan McCarthy. Winter 1991, #39.

Illustration (pen & ink on artist's board) by Bob McKay for short story "Feet of Clay" by W. P. Kinsella. Spring 1993, #43.