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Lifetime Subscribers are the life blood of Spitball: special people who appreciate baseball literature and understand how much their support means to the Magazine. This page recognizes them for their crucial contribution to the continuation of baseball's oldest literary periodical. The Editors of Spitball are also pleased to present each Lifetime Subscriber with a handsome certificate acknowledging each of them as a valued Lifetime Subscriber and are delighted that these certificates proudly hang in the homes and offices of our most loyal supporters around the country. Thanks to each and every one of the following:

Rollie Jacobsen - Park Rapids, MN Bill Kondrat - Walnut Creek, CA  Aden Ross - Salt Lake City, UT

 Tim Sherry - Tacoma, WA                        Michael L. Weaver - Champaign, IL             C. Paul Rogers III - Dallas, TX 

 Mike Harmon - Cincinnati, OH                 Catherine Altimari - Powder Springs, GA    Steven H. Olsen - Ann Arbor, MI

 Charles H. Keeler - Riverdale, UT             Kurt Adkins - Walnut Creek, CA                  Jeffrey D. Wright - Murphysboro, IL

  Joe Zureick - Maineville, OH                    Bob Mayberry - Oceanside, CA                    Charles B. Mitzel - Flower Mound, TX

 Dan O'Brien - Cincinnati, OH                    Jeff Singleton - Cincinnati, OH                    Paul Maitland Jr. - Peoria IL

 Anthony Anderson - Ketchum, ID            Bruce Jacobs - Duluth, MN                          Curt Leitz - Duluth, MN

 Renato Leonelli - Providence, RI               Tom Nahigian - Pasadena, CA                    Larry Hoffman - Cincinnati, OH