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Spitball is a literary baseball magazine founded in 1981 and dedicated to poetry, short fiction, prose, art, and book reviews; all devoted to baseball. In 1983 Spitball established the CASEY Award to honor the authors and publishers of the best baseball books published each year. The CASEY was the first award of its kind, and it is widely recognized as the most prestigious award that a baseball book can be given.

 A key component of Spitball's mission is the timely publication of authoritative, lively, and appreciative reviews of quality baseball books. These reviews can be found in our Baseball Books Reviewed section. We also publish short and to-the-point reviews of current baseball books in the "Baseball Book News" column at the back of each issue of Spitball Magazine.

Spitball's Latest  News

September 15, 2019

Cincinnati, OH

Last Call to Submit Baseball Books for 2019 CASEY Award Consideration

The editors of Spitball Magazine remind all publishers, editors, marketing directors, publicists, authors, and other interested parties that the meeting to select the Finalists for the 2019 CASEY Award competition will soon be convened. For a 2019 baseball book to be considered as a Finalist, a review copy of the book in finished form (advanced readers copies and galleys will not be considered; nor will any "book" published in electronic form only) must be received at the Spitball office in Walton, Kentucky. If you are not certain that we have received a review copy of your book, simply look for it on the "Current Baseball Books" page of this website. If the book is NOT listed, we have NOT received it. Any baseball book released in 2019 that we have not yet received may still be considered, but time is of the essence and a review copy of it should be sent to the Spitball office immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

August 16, 2019

Cincinnati, OH 

Judges' Panel for 2019 CASEY Award Announced

Spitball is pleased to announce that the Judges for the 2019 CASEY Award for Best Baseball Book of the Year will be Dave Grob (Woodbridge, VA), Michael Leahy (Centreville, VA), and C.W. Spooner (Aliso Viejo, CA). Dave Grob is a retired Army Officer currently employed in a civilian capacity by the Department of Defense at the Pentagon. A native Cincinnatian and lifelong Reds fan, Grob is the co-author of Game Worn: Baseball Treasures from the Game's Greatest Heroes and Moments, a past CASEY Award Finalist. He is also the nation's foremost authenticator of vintage major league baseball uniforms. A long time writer for the Washington Post and Washington Post Magazine, Michael Leahy has won numerous awards for his perceptive and empathetic writing. The author of the best book about Michael Jordan (When Nothing Else Matters), Leahy has had work selected for the Best American Sports Writing anthology four times. The Last Innocents, his book about the L. A. Dodgers, won the 2016 CASEY Award. C. W. Spooner is the author of two novels, '68, and Street Cred, two collections of short stories, and a collection of essays, memoirs, and poems (Yeah, What Else? ). He has published several short stories in Spitball and is a Lifetime Subscriber to the Magazine. Editor Mike Shannon had this to say about the panel for 2019: "We could not be more pleased to sit this panel of highly qualified Judges who are passionate about baseball and good writing. They have a tough task ahead of them, but we have every confidence they will perform like Hall of Famers and identify the book which deserves to be considered the Best Baseball Book of the Year. We are grateful for their willingness to serve." The list of Finalists for the 2019 CASEY Award will be announced in early November.

June 3, 2019

Cincinnati, OH

ISSUE # 84 SOLD OUT (almost)

Spitball's latest issue, the special devoted to the 1919 Chicago Black Sox World Series, has been published and mailed to all subscribers. This scintillating issue, #84, features five outstanding short stories by Tim Tocher, Joe Zureick, Sean Carroll, Mark Walling, and Jeff Stanger on various aspects of the scandal; as well as striking "Black Sox" poems by David S. Pointer, Joseph Stanton, and Tim Peeler; a prose musing by ex-Los Angeles Dodger Wes Parker; and a mini-graphic "Black Sox" novel, illustrated by the inimitable Scott Hannig. Wonderful Shoeless Joe Jackson art by the talented, nationally recognized Thom Ross graces the cover. This issue is almost completely SOLD OUT. The few copies that remain for sale are available at $15 each, one copy per customer; and may be ordered only through the US mail. Send a check or M.O. to Spitball Magazine, 536 Lassing Way, Walton, KY 41094.

March 4, 2019

Cincinnati, OH

Rob Neyer Wows 'em at 36th Annual CASEY Awards Banquet 

The 36th annual CASEY Awards Banquet was another sold-out affair and was highlighted by CASEY Award-winner Rob Neyer's fascinating and wide-ranging discussion of his winning book, Power Ball, and recent analytical trends which have dominated the game at the major league level and caused some fans to consider that game less interesting than its predecessor. The usual festivities were part of the afternoon, including door-prize give-aways, a shout-it-out trivia quiz based on 2018's baseball books, a display of all baseball books published in 2018, an appearance by BALLZAK, the Magnificent, a rundown of all books Nominated as Finalists for the 2018 CASEY, and Mr. Neyer's acceptance speech. After his formal remarks, Neyer took questions from the audience for almost 45 minutes. Author John Erardi was also on hand and accepted a Nomination Award for his biography, Tony Perez : From Cuba to Cooperstown. It was another very special event, and Spitball thanks all the Nominated authors and publishers, everyone who helped stage the event, especially Scott Schmidt of Crosley's Sports Bar & Eatery, and all those loyal fans of baseball literature who attended. It's because of that latter group that the CASEY Awards Banquet has become the premier Hot Stove League event on the baseball calendar!

January 23, 2019

Cincinnati, OH

ROB NEYER WINS 2018 CASEY Award for Powerball

Spitball is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2018 CASEY Award for Best Baseball Book of the Year is Rob Neyer and HarperCollins for Powerball: Anatomy of a Modern Baseball Game. In a field crowded with outstanding contenders, Powerball beat out the second-place finisher, The Big Fella by Jane Leavy, also by Harper, by two points; and the third-place book, Baseball in a Grain of Sand by Bill Gruber and McFarland and Co., by three points. Judge Mike Miller singled out Powerball for "holding my attention from the first to last word," and Judge Luke Salisbury called it a "must-read for fans desiring to learn more about the new analytics." Spitball Editor Mike Shannon praised the book about a single major league game as "an astute up-date on an ingenious type of baseball book with a impressive tradition. Rob took an idea first used brilliantly by Arnold Hano and Dan Okrent, and he made it thoroughly his own, turning in a virtuoso performance." Shannon also praised the Judges of the 2018 CASEY Award, Bob Mayberry, Miller, and Salisbury, for a job well done: "Judging the CASEY is always a Ruthian task, but this year the Judges had to work overtime since the normal field of ten books was expanded by two books. We are grateful for their service and the time and effort they put into the job." Spitball congratulates all the authors and publishers Nominated as Finalists for the 2018 CASEY Award. The date of the 36th Annual CASEY Awards Banquet will be announced on this website in the near future.

October 10, 2016 
Walton, KY

It's official: Spitball now has a new mailing address, and all books for review, submissions, and correspondence should be mailed to:
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